NAGAAA World Series

As a member of NAGAAA, Mid-Atlantic Amateur Softball Association participates in the World Series held each year in one of the member cities across the US and Canada. The World Series is usually held in the end of August and is home to great softball competition! MAASA has participated since 1985.

We boast 4 World Series titles. Our first came with the Virginia Outlaws in 1993 in Philadelphia, PA. In 1993, the series only had one division; it was the best of the best! In 2002, the Virginia Cavaliers took first place in the "C" division in Portland, OR. In 2004, the Evil Empire took first place in the "C" division in Dallas, TX. In 2013, the Virginia Lightning took first place in the "D" division in Washington, D. C.

The 41st annual NAGAAA World Series is being held in Portland, OR September 3-10, 2017. For more information check out the official website.

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