NAGAAA Hall of Fame

The NAGAAA Hall of Fame was established in 1997 by a group of "old timers" who had been associated with NAGAAA and Gay Softball World Series from the beginning.  The Hall of Fame was created to provide an historic perspective and perpetuate the history of gay softball and the Gay Softball World Series. 

Any 10-year member of a NAGAAA league or association, whether living or deceased, can be nominated for the Hall.  The nominees should have made significant contributions to their league and/or NAGAAA.

Framan Edwards. (Inducted 2002)

Tony Pritchard (Inducted 2006) - Tony created the Mid-Atlantic Amateur Softball Association (MAASA) in 1985 and joined the league into the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAAA).  He served as the MAASA Commissioner for several years and then Assistant Commissioner.  Tony also sponsored various teams in the league, most notably the Virginia Outlaws from 1985-2000.  The Virginia Outlaws are the 1993 NAGAAA World Series Champions.  Without Tony, the league would not have existed. 

Mark Graupmann(Inducted 2006)  - Mark joined the Mid-Atlantic Amateur Softball Association (MAASA) in 1985 and played on the Virginia Outlaws until his retirement in 1999.  Mark was a member of the 1993 NAGAAA World Series Champions, the Virginia Outlaws.  Mark also served as the MAASA Assistant Commissioner.  After retiring as a player, Mark became an ASA umpire in 2000.  He has umpired our league and local tournaments ever since.  Mark has also umpired in several NAGAAA World Series.

Ronnie Laumann (inducted 2018) - Ronnie joined the Mid-Atlantic Amateur Softball Association (MAASA) in 2000 and has played and coached for many teams over the years. Ronnie was a member of the 2002 NAGAAA World Series Champions, the Virginia Cavaliers and the 2004 NAGAAA World Series Champions, Virginia Beach Evil Empire. He also coached and played for the Norfolk Master Gunners who finished 3rd in the 2017 NAGAAA World Series and finished 2nd in the 2018 NAGAAA World Series. Ronnie has served as a MAASA Board member for over 15 years and served as the league's NAGAAA Delegate many times at their Winter and Summer meetings.

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